About this application

MyGuardCam is a free smart Dashcam, object detection & video Surveillance application for android phones. The app offers remote image streaming through myguardcam.com website.

The app also offers real time location updates and can be used as a car/vehicle guardian. In this module you can find location & movement notification.

The object detection module, right now, has tree options available: detect stop sign, detect yield sign and your custom detect object .

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Application Modules


Using DashCamera module, the app will record in loops and save the videos in your phone storage.

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Traffic sign detection

App can be used to detect "STOP" and "Yield" traffic signs or you can upload your own object detection file.

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Video Surveillance

App can be used as an Video surveillance camera allowing remote access from everywhere through the internet.

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Our Philosophy

Towards singularity and beyond...

AI is coming whether we like it or not. It is becoming more present in our daily life and we use it without even knowing. In our view, in the near future, the thing that will impact and shock us the most, will be driverless vehicles. And when it's going to happen it will change our lives forever. With this in mind... we build this app. Sure... we've added some other functionalities to make it more appealing, but the main goal is object detection. We're a very small team, working on this app, on our spare time. Right now, we know that the recognition mode isn't much, but we hope, that in the future, we can make it evolve.

Our current development ethic is: "Build it to learn it"