About GuardCam Android App

    myGuardCam app was designed with the intent of detecting traffic signs in real time. While this is possible with the current version of the app, this part is still in its development stage. Right now, the app can be used as a dash-Camera, object detection, video surveillance, location detection or vehicle guardian (detects if your car is hit, using the phone accelerometer "Motion sensors").

    The detection is done using OpenCV for Android SDK and a HAAR or LBP Cascade classifier (in our case a xml file). HAAR or LBP Cascade is a machine learning object detection algorithm used to identify objects in an image or video.

    The goal of the object detection module is to eventually be able to use images, taken from traffic, and retrain the classifiers until we get to a 95%+ in detection accuracy. And also expand our detection range, because, right not the app only detects stop and yield traffic signs. You also have the option to upload and use your own detection files. If you want to learn more about how you can create your own HAAR or LBP cascade xml files CLICK HERE.

    The dashcam module behaves as a modern dash camera, records, in loops of 10 minutes, the images through the back-phone camera. The video is stored in the phone external memory, who can be integrated or a SD card.

    The dashCam module can also be used for video surveillance through myguardcam.com website, by accessing your dashboard and then the Streaming page. The streaming is done through images and, currently, we offer something like one frame per second.

    Another functionality of this app and website is real time location tracker. If you enable the location tracking service from the app, you'll be able to see, on your dashboard/location on myguardcam.com, a map with the current location of the device.

    And, last but not least, the shake detection and alert functions/services. The shake service uses your phone accelerometer to detect different vibration/movement events. The events can range from your car being hit by another car, to a basketball falling on your vehicle and even a tennis ball, all depending on the sensitivity you choose and where you place your phone in the car. You can get a shake event alert, on your main phone, by installing the app and enabling alerts. Click here to learn more about this.

    "Defence Mode" : You activate it by holding the above button pressed for 3 seconds. "Remote streaming", "Location updates" and "Shake/Motion Detection" services will be activated. You can also activate each of these services from the app settings module. The deactivation is done in the same way.

    If you want to learn more about the app functionality click here.

    The app is intended to be used on your old android phones starting with API 21, phones build from 2014 onwards. Using it in this way you can leave your phone in the car, house or other place to act as a guardian.

    Hope you enjoy our product and we're open to suggestions. But keep in mind that we're a very small team and this is, at least for now, a free to use and no adds app. We get no profit from this app; we build it with the intent of helping people.