Mobile App Privacy Policy
Last modified: November 2, 2023

Permissions required:

- Camera: The application needs camera permision to record videos or take photos. The camera is also used for object detection. If you don't allow this permission the app won't work properly.

- Audio record: microphone permission is required when recording videos.

- Storage: the videos and images are stored on your phone external memory. This memory can be a part of your phone or can be a sd card. The type of external memory depends on each manufacturer.

- Location: if you want to track your device you need to give the app permission to access location data. This data is only used by you. The device starts to send location data to your server account when you activate the Location Service in the app.

- On new devices, we request the Allow display over other apps permission, to allow the remote image streaming service to open the app. The app can be opened remotely, only by you, from your server account, if you activate the streaming service.

Personal information used by the app

In order to fully use the app, you need to create an account on myguardcam dot com website. On the android app you'll only use your custom id and password.

The location data sent to your server account is only used/seen by you. We do not process it in any other way than to display a map with the last location sent, when you request it.

The remote streaming is done through images. When you start a streaming session, the app will send a stream of images to your server account and they will appear one after the other in your browser. Each image gets deleted from the server after you watch it. All the streaming images from the server get deleted when you click the Stop Streaming button.

If you want us to delete all your data on the server (account included) just use the contact form or send us an email at . In the comment field include the username, real name and email used to create the account.

Changes to this privacy policy

We may change some aspects of this privacy policy at any time. It is your obligation to review this page from time to time to see and new changes.