DashCam module with remote streaming

    Using the dashcam mode you can record videos in loops of 10 minutes and also see LIVE what happens around your vehicle. Your videos are saved in the folder "myguardcam/guardcamVideo" or directly to "guardcamVideo" (usually if you're browsing from gallery).

    The videos are saved in the external phone memory. Depending on the manufacturer this can be your phone memory or a SD card.
***Right now, you can’t use a SD card to save the videos/images, if the manufacturer didn't explicitly design the phone/device to use as an external memory a SD card.

    The current options for video storage capacity are: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. The default memory storage capacity is 1GB (if you don't select any of the above options). The app calculates your free external memory and will notify you when you try to select a higher storage capacity then current available.

    You also have the option to choose the video quality: "low", "med", "high". If you choose "low" you can store more videos but they will be of lower quality. You can balance the storage capacity with the video quality to get the best results possible.

    The app is also capable of image streaming. In app settings, if you check "Enable Streaming" box, you'll be able to access the device from myguardcam.com website and see a live stream, if the app is left running in the dashcam mode. If the app is closed you have to activate the streaming service, check "Remote Streaming box" and the device will open even if the app is closed. More on this on the Video Surveillance page.